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Trane 5 Ton high efficiency A/C unit over 20 years old. Started this season and find it is reluctant start (it has started, but not consistently. Low Hum but fan and compressor not coming on. Not tripping the breakers. Suspect start up capacitor

Kevin M

Hi, We are interested in putting in a ductless central AC system, we have some plans to finish off the basment someday, so don't want to have ducts in the basement. We have FHW baseboards and don't think we want to change over the FHA. What do you think about installing either the Mitsubishi split units or the high velocity systems? Thanks


Bought home recently. Central air doesn't seem to work kicks on and off in a few minutes. Green system LED on zone panel blinks when air is on stays solid for a few minutes if I reboot. This is my first time having central air house sat for a while.

Cory S

I am looking to have Central air installed in my upper level. I have hot water so another option would have to be considered for the rest of the home.

Kristyn C

Looking to put in central air into my home. Looking to get an estimate to install. Thanks

Debbie B

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